1. Fashionably Rosey said:

    Hi I am completing my thesis on Irving Penn and his ethnographic photography. This provided a great background for his publication Worlds in a Small Room. Do you have any helpful scholarly articles where you found this information?

  2. Almost all the background information on Irving Penn will not be found in scholarly articles, but rather in the books and publications dedicated to photography, fashion photography, or specifically Irving Penn’s photography. There is an excellent feature on him which appears in the Time Life Library of Photography. That is the source of a number of my quotes. The National Portrait Gallery (London, UK) had an exhibition about 4 years ago. For the exhibition they revisited many of his “Small Trades” photos – there is a good introductory essay in that book which addresses Penn’s relationship to the print. hope this is helpful – would love to read your thesis when you are finished! – Tim

    • Fashionably Rosey said:

      Great, thank you!

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