pierre gonnord

Pierre Gonnord: Krystov, 2007, appearing in the PHotoBolsillo edition.

IMAGE ON PAPER is dedicated to reviews of photobooks and photographic exhibitions. On occasion we will cross a line and look at artbooks also. Sometimes we will feature exceptional bookstores or those specializing in photographic material.

The site is edited by Tim McLaughlin, a photographer who, one day, found himself with a large book collection and a curiosity about the threads that link the culture of the book, the image, and the artist. He believes, somewhat abstractly, that, just as the best way to meet someone is to make a portrait, the best way to understand a book is to review it in a formal context.

We accept works for review, and endeavour feature everything received. Please provide details as to where your book may be purchased. We make no claims as to the timeliness of the review or its content.

Contact us at editor@imageonpaper.com

Review copies should be directed to:

Image on Paper
3580 Beach Ave.
Roberts Creek, BC
V0N 2W2 Canada

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