1. Thanks for this piece! Although I love the images, and the aesthetic in Nelson’s pictures, something did not quite site right with me while reading some of the words attached. You’ve formulated my reservations with the project very well.
    I have to admit that I have at times fallen victim to this “fictionalization” and am quite familiar with the romanticized notion of for instance North American Indians. And to a certain extent, I think writers or artists should be “allowed” to explore these aspects as well – but the notion that such traditions or people are “vanishing” because times are changing – this appropriation of what “they”/the “other” should be like – is a dangerous one that I think we should remain mindful of.

  2. Thank you for your very thoughtful thesis on how and why we photograph. How a culture is represented in language as well as image. I begun following this story a week ago or so, when I picked up the bio of Curtis once again to finish reading it. Than came across the blog pieces on Nelson’s exhibition and his approach. Thank you for fleshing all of that out.
    I don’t think Curtis went out to do it for money, because it seems he was broke and living off his family in later years, and dedicated his life to photographing the “First Nations”! Where Nelson’s seems to have created this project to make himself famous and loads of $$ inspite of his idealism.
    I am sure this is an on going conversation!

    Thank you again!

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